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CNC Machined Moulds  

Adelaide T&E Systems specialises in the development and manufacture of anatomically and physically accurate models for use as a tool in assessing the effectiveness of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in blast and ballistic environments.

Key personnel at Adelaide T&E Systems have worked with Australian Defence for over 10 years developing ‘Surrogate Technology’ and have expertise in Human Anatomy, Biomechanics, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Engineering and Manufacturing.

The Adelaide T&E Systems team is ideally equipped to develop new technologies from proof-of-concept to production, with a strong focus on Research & Development. A range of manufacturing techniques are used to produce prototype and production items, ranging from traditional casting and moulding techniques to multi-axis CNC machining and even high-pressure thermoplastic injection moulding using custom equipment designed and manufactured in-house.

Adelaide T&E Systems compliments its manufacturing capability predominantly with the local services of Footner Motorsport, although contracts other reputable businesses when required. Footner Motorsport specialises in the rapid manufacture of precision components, generally using multi-axis CNC milling and CNC turning.

To assist the product development and testing process, Adelaide T&E Systems has a range of specific sensors and hardware, including the recently acquired high-speed digital video recorder. This high-speed video capability will greatly assist many active projects.

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CNC Machined Moulds
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